Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kindergarten Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is the first day of kindergarten!
We had orientation last Friday and we are all so exited for her to start.
We are all set with new school clothes and shoes. Since we are still at the M school, we don't need to follow all the new county uniform rules. We also don't need school supplies, so it feels a little weird not really needing to get much.

I'll be taking some pictures before and after school of Avery in her new classroom tomorrow.

My mom has been here helping with Avery over the last couple weeks. It has been so nice to come home to a clean house and home cooked meals every night. Wow Mom, I am not sure I will know what to do next week when I have to cook and run Avery to all her lessons! We will all miss you.

Before mom left, we took some pictures. Of course it was the hottest most humid day and we were all sweltering.






2p said...

That top picture of you, Sunny and A is AWESOME! I love it!

Yay for kindergarten! I am sure she'll love it, since she'll be an "elder" in the 3-6 classroom. I would love to hear what she's working on at might give me some more ideas.

Laura said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures! Absolutely love that top one! :)

Have fun in kindergarten, Avery!

Caryn said...

Um, bloggage please!

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